Hello my name is…

Well you’ve gotten this far, so first I’d like to say welcome, and thank you for stopping by! I’m here to inspire you, help you, love you, and lead you to a better you, a better mind, and a better heart, through Him who gives you the strength. I have a passion for young women who have endured trauma and heartbreak, who have been diagnosed with mental health disorders, and who want to learn more about the mental health community.

IMG_2399I graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. I currently work an office job while I attempt to pay off my student loans and eventually get a place of my very own.

When I was 17 my father passed away from leiomyosarcoma cancer. He battled with cancer for a couple years before it was declared incurable. This unfortunate life event led me to what you’re reading today. I didn’t leave my dorm room really at all during the span of my entire sophomore year due to the worst depression I’ve experienced in my life thus far.



Not only have I been struggling with depression since my dad died, but  have had anxiety since the age of 9, and am still learning to cope with it in my daily life. I was then diagnosed with a minor case of bipolar disorder during my senior year of college. While I still struggle with all of my mental health issues today, I’m doing much better all thanks to the Hope I have inside of me; my Savior, and Healer, Jesus Christ.

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~”But the Lord stood by me and strengthened me, so that through me, the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. So I was rescued from the Lion’s mouth.” ~

2 Timothy 4:17 ESV