30 Christian Journaling Prompts for Mental Health

30 Christian Journaling Prompts for Mental Health

  1. How is your mental illness affecting you today?
  2. What do you wish more people understood about your mental illness?
  3. What is your mental illness currently holding you back from that you wish you could do today?
  4. What do you think, without reading your Bible, that God says about mental illness?
  5. How does God view you despite your struggle with mental illness?
  6. Write down all of the bible verses you can find that relate to your mental illness. (Hint: Use a concordance or the list in the back of your Bible if it has one)
  7. In 5 years from now, where do you see yourself mental health-wise? Are you aiming to get better, or are your current habits and patterns keeping you stuck?
  8. What does your ideal daily routine look like? What are some ways you start to implement parts of it now?
  9. What bothers you the most about your current daily routine? Why?
  10. Analyze how you’re doing with your self-image. What makes you beautiful? Don’t think worldly things here. Think of Scripture. Always.
  11. Find 5 healthy recipes you think you would enjoy, then jot down a grocery list to actually make them.
  12. Do you consider yourself to be a healthy person? Why or why not?
  13. What does the Bible say about maintaining your health? Jot those verses down.
  14. If you’ve told your family about your mental illness already, write a letter to them based on their response. If you haven’t, write a letter to them explaining what you’re feeling.
  15. What are some of your favorite self-care routines?
  16. Write the word breathe 30 times. (Repetition does something for your brain).
  17. Write the word joy 30 times. (Apply the above principle in parentheses)
  18. What is the difference between joy and happiness? Use Scripture to back up your response.
  19. What are some things that make you happy, and why?
  20. What are some things that bring you joy, and why?
  21. What are the key differences between that things that make you happy vs. the things that bring you joy. The similarities?
  22. What are some of the negative effects you’ve seen in your life as a result of mental illness? (Think of habits, addictions, relationships…etc.)
  23. Remember a time when you were mad at God for letting you suffer from anxiety, depression, etc. Write an honest letter to Him explaining your frustration & hurt.
  24. Write down any of the ways you can think of to mend and heal the brokenness you just admitted to yourself above. (Talk to a professional for extra help! Pastor, Counselor, Psychiatrist, etc.) Also refer to number 5’s prompt when you’re feeling down about this.
  25. What does the Bible say about healing?
  26. Write down a time when you felt healed, restored, joyful…etc.
  27. If you’ve had any form of broken relationship in the past due to your mental health, write a letter to the person, good or bad. If you have yet to experience this, write a letter to your future spouse concerning your mental health. Jot down your concerns, wishes, thoughts, and prayers.
  28. Write down everything you can think of that you have to be thankful for.
  29. How does thankfulness combat mental illness? What does this look like in your life?
  30. Write a letter to your future self. Include where you want to be, how you want to feel, and goals you want to achieve. Keep it in a safe place to open 5 years later.

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