Heartbreak Hacks

I don’t know who or what has broken your heart that made you click on this post, but whatever your season in life is currently; it’s just a season. At the time of this post it is Fall; and to me, this season represents change. Maybe you just got bad news from a doctor. Maybe your boyfriend or husband left you. Maybe you have a child who won’t stop acting out. Whatever your season, even in the cold, despairing winter, these heartbreak hacks are meant to make this season feel a little more tolerable. Grab a cup of pumpkin spice anything, and let’s get started.

Keep a journal. I know it’s hard, especially when you struggle with depression to find the motivation to even write things down. If you don’t have a journal yet, invest in one you love to look at to motivate you. Customize one on Etsy if you really want to invest in yourself and make it feel important so you’ll do it. Also, relinquish the pressure to feel as though you need to do this daily or even weekly. You don’t have to do this every night. I find myself doing it only on the nights where I feel the most confused or grieved in life. Also give up the fancy stuff. Be original. Draw your thoughts, write a song, a poem, or start a book. No one besides you is going to see it. Do something, even if it’s one sentence. Most of my journals are letters, for example.

Instead of going straight to your depressing playlist, listen to some great soul-searching worship. My current favorites are Peace Be Still – The Belonging Co., To Be Honest – Highpoint Worship, & The Anchor – Life Church Music.  I’m curious about your favorites too! Leave them in the comments. This is my favorite option when I know I feel myself getting angry at God. Songs like the ones I listed give me hope and restore my faith in God and His promises. They make for great on-the-way-to-work jams too!

Color. If you need something to pass your time and keep you busy while you’re listening to your new music, grab a coloring book. If you don’t have one there are free coloring pages online you can print out! I’ve read stuff about coloring relieving stress. I’m gonna assume it’s true since it works for me. Forgive my ignorance on this one.

Take a break from social media. I deleted Facebook off of my phone for about 2 weeks after my last serious breakup. I didn’t quit cold turkey, but deleting the social media apps trained me to be intentional about actually getting out my computer and going on social media, which for me, meant spending less time actually scrolling mindlessly through my timeline and more time processing my emotions.

Dedicate yourself to learning something new, or take on a hobby. I played piano for 8 years and guitar for 2 throughout my elementary to high school education years. I hadn’t pulled out my guitar at all in college, but after my breakup decided to re-teach myself the basic chords and play some easy Taylor Swift. I honestly don’t know the science to why taking on a hobby that you enjoy works for the heartbreak woes, but it does, so try it.

Take a nap. Don’t think that taking a nap means that you’re sinking into depression. Most of the time heartbreak can result in a lack of sleep because your brain won’t stop processing. Catch up on your rest. You need it.

Make breakfast for dinner. I just thought of this suggestion today while talking to one of my sweet friends enduring the same thing you are. My comfort food at nighttime is breakfast. If you don’t like breakfast, insert your favorite comfort food here. Ben & Jerry’s is a given.

Read through some Psalms. Psalms is one of my favorite books for depression and anxiety. David is literally journaling how He feels to God. Highlight your favorite verses and write them down in your journal.

If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety and depression worsening in different seasons of life, you may need to evaluate your situation medically. I have had to go on and off meds for different reasons, but don’t feel ashamed to start them again if it helps you get back on your feet. If you want honesty, I would not be motivated to write for this blog without a little help from my Lexapro. Your work life, school life, and relationships are important. Medication is an investment in yourself, in my opinion. Others will disagree with me, but as I’ve seen it in my life, there is no shame in it if you need it to function. God doesn’t want you walking around this earth miserable either. Your purpose is to shine a light that is so bright others will see Him in you.

Ask for Help. Sometimes I feel like when I ask for prayers after a breakup, it’s pathetic. Someone’s life situation always seems worse than yours and all you have is this pathetic breakup you can’t get over. It’s not pathetic. Your emotions are not pathetic. Your life situation is not pathetic. Ask for prayer. When a group of believers comes together to pray, you best believe there is power in His name. On the topic of prayer, I just launched my Facebook page for this blog.  (Just search GADGirls in the search bar). There’s a “Send Message” button on the page. If you need prayer over your broken heart, or need healing in a relationship, send a message, and I’ll pray for you.

Gather some girlfriends and go out on the town! Once you’ve cried for a while, I have this feeling you’ll want to do something other than mope around, which as I’ve clearly stated is not wrong or pathetic. This can be as small as coffee, or as large as salsa dancing. Do what you gotta do girl, and send me an invite.

I hope these suggestions help you process what you’re going through right now, and please don’t hesitate to ask me for help. I want to help you by praying for you, getting to know you, and shining Jesus’ light on you. Feel better!


“The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.”

Psalm 34:18

** This post is dedicated to my best friend. May God bring comfort to you now and always**


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