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How to Know When to Seek Help (Depression Edition)

I know, I know, I have been MIA and I can’t apologize because I’m trying to get a degree. On the bright side, helloooooo spring break! Or maybe for you, if you’re reading this post, it’s not so bright, but that’s okay cause maybe I can help you seek some professional help. Feel better soon! ❤ (that was cheesy, please forgive me).

So there’s a couple things you know for sure. You’re sad. If you’re happy you can skip this post. You really, really, really, like your bed. Like nothing is motivating you to get out of it, ever. This is common for all of us maybe 3 times a week where it’s either really cold, you’re really tired, or you actually have nothing to do that day, but if you’re depressed, you have actual important things to do, but there’s nothing more important than staying in bed at this time. Sometimes, you don’t even want to get out of bed to eat. Also, you really just don’t want to socialize, really, for a while until you think you feel happy enough to.

Trust me, I’ve been there, I get it.

There’s some things you need to know before you keep reading, though.

  1. Admitting you have depression is kind of embarrassing, especially to your Christian friends. I don’t know why but when I truly came to realize that I wasn’t myself and it was because of depression, suddenly Bible verses were being forced down my throat and all I wanted was for it to stop. When you’re depressed, it feels like the Holy Spirit is so far away that even if you wanted to pray for your depression to go away, your prayer wouldn’t be answered. Being depressed also isn’t a normal thing, but it’s also not something you need to hide. The only way to come out of it is going to be to seek help.
  2. There are different degrees of depression. You can be slightly depressed or majorly depressed. I’m talking to my girls who have lost all hope in ever feeling better.
  3. Depression happens for a reason. Once you figure out why you’re sad, you’ll begin to feel better and be able to prevent future depression. Sometimes the things that make us sad get shoved down so deep that we forget about them, but they resurface in other forms, like depression.

Okay, now that we’re fully educated and informed, let’s get down to business.

  • You should seek help if the last social activity you were involved in was last semester. Girl, your friends love you! They don’t want to see you hurting, and maybe if you go hang out with them, they’ll be able to help you. God gives us special people in our lives so that we can help each other and keep each other accountable. Get out of bed, and go to that school sponsored event. I hear most of them have prizes! Who doesn’t like prizes??? If you really can’t muster up the motivation to go do anything, you need to seek some extra help. No shame girl, just do yourself a favor, because you are SO loved. (John 3:16)
  • You should seek help if your prolonged sadness has had any affect on your eating habits. This one goes both ways. When I’m sad, I overeat; especially the junk. Some people, however, don’t eat at all or develop eating disorders, whether they intended to or not. If this is you, please, seek help. It’s affecting your health now, and your health for your future. You only have one life.
  • You should seek help if going outside is one of the scariest things you think you could ever do. This one tends to happen when we get the mindset that there is something actually wrong with us, but we don’t want others to see it. We don’t want the constant “what’s wrong?” question. And the answer is always the same isn’t it? We’re tired. Which is half true, but the other half isn’t. We’re fighting a mental battle and losing terribly, and God forbid anyone else see our struggle. You’ll soon learn that the more transparent you are with your struggles, the less others will struggle. Keep your head up dear, and I dare you not to sing the Andy Grammar song. You might feel an ounce of happiness. 🙂
  • You definitely need to seek help if you’ve developed any kind of addiction. Porn, alcohol, tobacco, verbal abuse, physical abuse, anything that you hadn’t noticed before you were sad. These are just some of the things that we try to fill our happiness void with. They bring temporary pleasure, but more pain.
  • Finally, you need to seek help if you’ve developed a strong hate for the God you thought you knew. This one is tough, and it’s going to take a while to heal this relationship. Depression hurt me the most spiritually, and I don’t doubt it’s hurting you as well. It’s hard for me to type this out for you, and I’m being as authentic as possible. If you hate that your friends are trying to help you, if you hate all of the encouragement you’re receiving, and if you hate all of the spiritual hoopla that you’ve heard a thousand times before, you should seek help. It’s going to be so hard. You’re going to have to do this one yourself, beloved. I’m not telling you to seek help from your pastor. Definitely wait to do that one until you’ve sought some counseling or doctoral advice. But please at least do the latter.

If you relate to any of the above points, please talk to someone who is skilled in mental health. You will feel like a crazy person walking into the counseling office, and you won’t like it at first. You will probably be told there’s a pill for what you’re feeling, but take heart lovely, this is only temporary and you are NOT alone. Seeking help is the first step to the rest of your life.

Feel better, from your friend who has been there. This blog is dedicated to you. I love you.


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