Tips for Going Into a New Semester with Depression

I just want to start off by saying I’m sorry I couldn’t think of a more clever and artistic title for this post. I’M SORRY BLOGGING WORLD.

Now for the important things:

I’m so glad you’re here reading this post. Truly, this blog was prayed over for a while before it was even started. So let me join hands with you as we encounter this new Spring semester together. *reaches through screen and grabs your hand cause depression hurts*

I could just take all of the tips I’ve read from other beautiful blogs on starting a new semester but I want to be genuine with you all because I’ve done the whole depression thing while in school and this is what I’d do differently.

If you are truly in a state of mind where you can’t get out of bed after your classes are over in the morning, you might consider taking the semester off and helping yourself first. I debated this option for the longest time on the phone with my mom. You’re going to waste money on a semester where it’s hard for you to function and your money would most likely be better spent seeking a psychiatrist or counselor. Trust me on this one. I don’t necessarily recommend Christian counseling if you’re questioning God right now. I think any counselor can give you great tips and advice and help you talk through what’s going on. They just want to help! Personally I went to my university’s counseling office (1. because it was free, 2. because I had a friend who loved me so much she told me I needed to go.) I do attend a Christian university so the counseling was Christian based but I ended up loving it. I told my counselor, Brittany, that I did not want Scripture shoved down my throat because I felt like that’s all that people who didn’t understand my depression did.

*If you are suffering from anxiety or going through any kind of a rough time this tip applies to you too, but carefully pray and seek wisdom from your elders before taking a semester off. Don’t tell your mom I told you to quit school because that’s not what I’m saying.*

If you do choose to stay in school while suffering from depression here are the rest of my tips.

  1. Don’t overwork yourself. I have a part-time job outside of school and the more I worked, the more depressed I felt. Not only was my boss worried about me, but it came across badly to our customers. Once you realize you have depression, please please please talk to your boss and explain that you need to distance yourself, and if you have a good boss, they will totally understand. My boss did. It feels embarrassing to tell people you’re depressed, but most likely, your boss has been there.
  2. At least get out of bed to go to class. I mean geez if you’re going to suffer you might as well do it in a classroom. I promise your bed will be there when you get back, as well as your Netflix account.
  3. Don’t listen to depressing music. I know it’s what you feel like you can relate to, but it does not help you at all. This is going to sound SO unbelievably cheesy but this is the number one reason I love Taylor Swift. She helped me through my depression…NO LIE guys. One minute I could be listening to her playlist and be so sad but then I was feeling 22 and shook it off and I felt 10 times better. Find that artist that will balance you out. If you’re not into pop, Twenty One Pilots are good, Skillet is a good one, and good ole Sam Hunt never lets me down.
  4. If you have a roommate, be honest with them. I feel so bad for my roommate from last year. Shelby if you’re reading this, I love you, thank you for putting up with me. Just tell them you’re going through a rough time. Most of the time they won’t over step your boundaries. I find that the more honest you are with others, the more friendships you gain.
  5. Depression is hard and homework is even worse. If you’re going to seclude yourself from the world, make a cozy corner in your room. Put a bunch of pillows in a corner, your Bible (maybe that’ll encourage you someday), and your favorite blanket, and do your homework there.f987b3f45a73a0a5b28d6212d6afc516

I hope these help you! I understand not all of these are going to be easy. Talking to your boss and roommate can cause you to get vulnerable and you put yourself at risk, but please remember, these are the things I WISH I had done. Also, if this post totally relates to you, please feel free to comment or contact me. I would love to be praying for you as you overcome depression. It doesn’t last forever, I promise. ❤

Psalm 30:5 “…Weeping may stay for the night, but joy comes in the morning.”

2 thoughts on “Tips for Going Into a New Semester with Depression

  1. Julius says:

    I’m not sure if I’m depressed or just sad. As of late I seem to lack drive or desire to do much at all. I’m not sure if professional help is right for me. I wouldn’t know where to start and I don’t want to make a big deal about it if it’s actually nothing major. I was wondering if you had any more advice, I’ve been talking with a friend of mine about it for a long time, but I never seem to get anywhere.


    • jbenz47 says:

      Hi Julius! I’m so sorry to hear that. Professional help isn’t for everyone so let me give you a few tips. If you’ve only been feeling this way for a couple weeks I would wait it out and see if you start to feel better later. If that friend of yours has never experienced depression, that may be why you get no where. The only reason I would recommend professional help is because most of the time you’ll get prescribed something that will legitimately make you feel ten times better. I promise you that if you have depression it is not a big deal to go get help. ❤️ If there’s anything else I can help you with or if I can pray for you specifically please feel free to email me.



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